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ACC secures conviction for impersonation

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1. ANTI - CORRUPTION COMMISSION CATHEDRAL HOUSE 3 GLOUCESTER STREET FREETOWN SIERRA LEONE, WEST AFRICA 18th Decem ber 201 8 PRESS RELEASE ACC SECURES CONVICTION FOR IMPERSONATION The High Court of Sierra Leone, Holden at Makeni, and presided over by the Honourable Justice John Bosco Alieu, on Monday 17th December 2018, convicted Ibrahim Kamara to a fine of Thirty Million Leones (Le 30, 000,000) or serve a three - year jail term. Kamara was convicted on one count of impersonating an Officer of the Anti - Corr uption Commission, contrary to Section 76 of the Anti - Corruption Act of 2008. On or about the 30th September 2015, the convict impersonated the Deputy Commissioner of the ACC, Mr. Shollay Davies, with intent to extort monies from one Mr. Sorie Ibrahim Ko roma, District Security Coordinator for Kono District in the Office of National Security; and Brima Abubakar Kallon, the Store Keeper at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Food Security, Makeni. Meanwhile, any person(s) engaged, or intending to engag e, in the impersonation of ACC staff are further warned to desist forthwith, or face the full penalty of the law. The Commission was represented by Mohamed Muctarr Sow Esq., whilst the defendant was represented by Patrick John - Bull Esq. The ACC wishes to further assure the people of Sierra Leone and international partners of its relentless commitment to the fight against corruption. For further enquiries, please contact Margaret Murray, Public Relations Officer on Tel: +232 25 428081 . ...................................................... ...... PATRICK SANDI DIRECTOR, PUBLIC EDUCATION AND OUTREACH


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